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Curriculum Vitae for Tom Cozzie

Mr. Cozzie specializes in technical and regulatory matters involving the management of toxic substances and hazardous wastes. He has more than 20 years experience in the environmental field, including five years with State and local regulatory agencies in Southeast Florida. His government experience included administration of the facilities permitting and compliance aspects of one of the nation's most progressive groundwater protection programs. Prior to founding T. Cozzie Consulting Inc. in 1997, he had progressed to the position of Regional Manager in charge of a profit/loss center for a mid-sized, Southeastern U.S. consulting firm.

Mr. Cozzie has overseen site investigation and remediation activities involving hazardous wastes, solvents, petroleum products and pesticides. He has performed or supervised due diligence assessments, including complex Phase II investigations, on hundreds of properties, from vacant parcels to large commercial and industrial facilities.

Mr. Cozzie has extensive experience in regulatory permitting and compliance activities, particularly for industrial clients. He has conducted compliance audits that addressed waste management, air permitting, wastewater, and toxic substance inventory reporting at manufacturers, hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities, recycling plants and hospitals, among others. He has prepared Title V Air Operating Permit applications, emission inventory reports, NPDES industrial wastewater and storm water discharge applications, discharge monitoring reports, Tier Two Hazardous Chemical Inventory and Form R Toxic Chemical Release Inventory reports and Hazardous Waste Generator's Reports. He has developed Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring and Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction plans for major air pollution sources, hazardous waste contingency plans, SPCC and FRP Plans for oil spill prevention and response, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Hazard Communication Programs and training materials related to these.

Mr. Cozzie has assisted a variety of manufacturing clients in the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems, in some cases specifically aimed toward (and successfully resulting in) ISO 14001 EMS registration. Mr. Cozzie personally developed the Virtual Environmental Manager compliance database program, which provides facility environmental, health and safety managers with a unique and valuable tool to assist in managing their compliance activities. He even put together this website. His social life arguably has suffered.

Mr. Cozzie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and then obtained a Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He has received additional, formal training in environmental management activities, including OSHA HAZWOPER training, Asbestos Inspection and Assessment, and Environmental Risk Assessment. He is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials Committee E-50 on Environmental Assessment and of the U. S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO 207, Environmental Management Systems.

You can be assured that Tom Cozzie will personally manage and attend to your environmental consulting service needs. Please e-mail him tcozzie@tcozzie.com or call toll-free (877) 338-6304 for his immediate assistance with your environmental compliance or liability issues.