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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process

T. Cozzie Consulting assists lending institutions, buyers and sellers in managing the potential environmental liabilities of real property arising from the use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials in many commercial and industrial activities. Depending on your needs, we can provide Phase I Site Assessments completed in accordance with the recognized ASTM Standard E 1527 work scope and with the All Appropriate Inquiry requirements, or we can tailor the scope of the due diligence investigation to specific requirements of the client, buyer or lender.

More often than not, we can confidently evaluate your potential environmental risks without further, intrusive testing. If needed, though, our capabilities include asbestos and radon surveys, comprehensive soil, surface water and groundwater quality analysis, and other testing procedures that can provide more complete assessment of site conditions. Our field sampling activities are conducted under rigorous quality assurance procedures, using the latest, approved techniques and equipment.

We offer site investigation services by highly experienced practitioners at very competitive rates. Each site evaluation is performed by an environmental professional who has completed numerous similar assessments on properties ranging from forested acreage to agricultural land to complex manufacturing facilities.

We also offer Portfolio Management services to monitor and address environmental issues for packages involving multiple properties or special business risk concerns, as well as post-audit Advisory Support for users of the Environmental Site Assessment process. Our scope of services and contract terms, as well as sample reports, are available for review at your request. Send to us a site location, description and time frame for completion and we'll return an immediate quotation.