Tier Two, Form R and the Rest!

How to Comply with EPCRA Reporting Requirements

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) specifies reporting requirements for facilities that store hazardous chemicals and that manufacture, process or otherwise use certain listed toxic chemicals. Is your facility compliant with these requirements?

Click for a brief introduction to EPCRA and its reporting requirements, to determine if they apply to your operation and to better prepare your facility and personnel to meet your obligations under the rule: Introduction to EPCRA Reporting Requirements (PDF, 2.4 Mb)

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The presentation summarizes major reporting requirements contained in the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, including

  • Section 302/302 initial notification for facilities that handle Extremely Hazardous Substances

  • Section 304 notification upon releases of Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) or CERCLA Hazardous Substances

  • Section 311/312 initial and annual ("Tier Two") reports for locations that store threshold quantities of EHS or other Hazardous Chemicals

  • Section 313 annual ("Form R" and "Form A") Toxic Release Inventory reports for manufacturing and other facilities that manufacture, process or otherwise use threshold quantities of listed Toxic Chemicals

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