Training Deadline is December 1, 2013!

Hazard Communication Training: GHS Container Labeling and Safety Data Sheets

OSHA requires that employees be trained on the container labeling and safety data sheet requirements of the revised Hazard Communication Standard by December 1, 2013.

Don't have the time to prepare an effective presentation for your training sessions? We have put together a Powerpoint (.ppt) presentation that provides all the required information in an easy-to-follow format. The presentation, along with a PDF copy and a supporting materials, including OSHA's Quick Cards for container labeling, pictograms and safety data sheets, are available for purchase here:

The presentation covers everything you and your employees need to know about the changes to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard requirements for shipped container labels and Safety Data Sheets, including

  • What is the schedule for transitioning to the new requirements?

  • What are the new Hazard Classifications and Categories?

  • How do Hazard Categories compare to NFPA and HMIS Hazard Rankings?

  • What are the required Label Elements for Container Labeling?

  • What are the eight GHS Pictograms, and what do they tell me about the chemical and its hazards?

  • Can we still use NFPA and HMIS labels?

  • How will the OSHA labels be used when DOT shipping labels also are required?

  • What are the 16 sections of the new Safety Data Sheets?

  • What information will I find in each SDS section?

The presentation may appear rather lengthy, because it includes the necessary text on the slides rather than as a separate script. This will make it much easier for your users to learn from the presentation on their own time. The OSHA Quick Cards can be made available to employees during or after the presentation for ready reference. We'd also recommend that you pass around a few safety data sheets from suppliers that meet the new requirements (if available) during the presentation to let employees identify the required information on SDS that they will encounter in the workplace.

The price for the complete presentation package, including Powerpoint slides, PDF version for printing and distribution, and (free) OSHA Quick Cards, is just $27!

Here are some screen shots from the training presentation:

  • Title Slide

  • Slide showing Pictogram example

  • Slide showing sample Container Label

  • Slide describing example section from SDS

  • Review Slide

For a free preview of the complete presentation in PDF file format, click: OSHA 2013 GHS Training Presentation (PDF, 4.2 Mb)

The original deadline for training has passed! Click below to order the presentation package, including Powerpoint slides, PDF version for printing and distribution, and (free) OSHA Quick Cards, for just $27!

The presentation and supporting documents will be made available for download using your web browser or FTP. Downloading instructions will be provided by email upon purchase. For further information or to order copies of the presentation on alternative media, please contact T. Cozzie Consulting Inc. Click here to e-mail us or use the contact information on the linked page..