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Subscription Environmental Consulting and Data Management Services

Virtual Environmental, Health and Safety Manager is a subscription based database management and consulting service that provides professional support for a broad range of environmental management and compliance activities. Virtual Environmental Manager provides an effective alternative for small to medium-sized organizations that may lack the resources to maintain a full-time, dedicated environmental manager or team, or that frequently require specialized environmental expertise in support of the in-house environmental, health and safety team. This service can assist in managing all aspects of facility operations that involve compliance with environmental, health and safety programs, as well as a broad array of operations and maintenance, reporting and record-keeping functions.

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Virtual Environmental, Health and Safety Manager combines a robust electronic database with personal, professional consulting services. Support for covered activities will include environmental data management with secure, online access to the data; compliance tracking, evaluation and guidance; review and monitoring of applicable regulatory and other requirements; "hot line" response to compliance queries; assistance with report and document preparation; representation in proceedings involving regulatory agencies; and communication to management and other parties. Under the subscription program, we provide these consulting services at a fraction of the cost of standard professional services fees.


  • What are Covered Services?

    During the life of the contract, covered services consist of compliance activities, regulatory requirements, permit conditions and other applicable requirements associated with the following environmental program areas:

    • Environmental management systems: ISO 14000 family of standards;
    • Air emissions: Title V permits, other operating permits, NESHAPs and other performance standards;
    • Wastewater discharges: NPDES and State permits, pretreatment standards, underground injection control provisions, storm water permits, pollution prevention BMPs;
    • Oil spill prevention and control: SPCC plan document and practices, Facility Response Plan document and practices;
    • Pollutant storage tanks: performance standards, upgrade requirements; recordkeeping and reporting;
    • Solid and hazardous wastes: standards that apply to generators of hazardous wastes; performance standards for management of biomedical wastes, used oil, other regulated wastes;
    • Hazard communication: program document and provisions, emergency planning and community right-to-know reporting requirements;
    • Toxic and hazardous materials: performance standards for storage and handling of hazardous materials, process safety management;
    • Pollution prevention and waste minimization: best management practices and other recognized standards of performance.
  • What Additional Services are Provided?

    Typical program services include the following specific provisions, as desired by the Client:

    • One or more site visits per year for compliance evaluation, information and training or other purposes. The timing of these visits will be at the Client's discretion.
    • Meetings with regulatory agency personnel, as needed to address non-compliance issues that arise after entry of the consulting contract.
    • Ongoing support for environmental management system development and implementation in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard (excluding certification audits or review).
  • What Services are Not Covered?

    The program generally does not include collection and laboratory analysis of environmental samples. The contract does not cover operation and maintenance of remedial equipment, or preparation of documents for contamination assessment or remedial activities. The contract does not cover preparation of applications for initial permits or substantial modifications to existing permits.

    The program does not include representation before regulatory agencies in proceedings involving non-compliance issues that pre-date the contract.

    These services that are not covered by the contract may be performed under separate agreements.