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Your "On-Call" Environmental Consultant

Do you run a small business, but lack the in-house expertise to manage compliance with the vast array of environmental regulations that apply to your industry? Or are you the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at a manufacturing facility, but find that your day-to-day responsibilities to ensure employee safety and health leave little time for keeping up with complicated environmental monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements?

T. Cozzie Consulting will provide you personalized assistance with your environmental management and compliance needs. Visit our News, Tips and Tools page for updates and guidance on environmental management and compliance issues. Call or email us to discuss how we can help you with services tailored to the size and scope of your operations - or, for expert advice on how to tackle a specific compliance issue!


  • Virtual Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

    Compliance Management System

    Resolve your compliance tracking, data management, recordkeeping and reporting issues with the Virtual Environmental Manager System. Includes on-call consulting support.

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  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

    Enjoy such benefits as reduced environmental liability, increased profitability and a competitive edge by implementing an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System.

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