Thinking about Changes to the Hazardous Waste Manifest, EPA is

In a notice of proposed information collection request published on February 8, the EPA has indicated that it is considering revisions to the RCRA Hazardous Waste Manifest, both electronic (“e-Manifest”) and paper versions. EPA invites and will accept comments on proposed changes to the manifest document through April 9, 2019.

The suggested changes include:

  • additional options for reporting waste quantities, using decimal numbers and alternative units of measure;
  • additional items for international shipments, such as including a separate data field for import/export consent numbers and making sure both the generator and exporter EPA ID numbers, if different, are captured on the manifest, and adding information from the Movement Document to the manifest;
  • providing source and form code and density information on the (paper) manifest document to integrate better with the biennial hazardous waste report.

As noted, the comment period on the proposed information collection expires on April 9. After that time, EPA will submit the information collection request, amended as appropriate, and announce a further opportunity for comments.

The proposal and instructions for commenting can be viewed at (search on Docket No. EPA-HQ- OLEM-2018-0756).