2024 Chemical Data Reporting Starts… Now!

Well, June 1st, actually. The submission period for this quadrennial report is from June 1 through September 30, 2024. The Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Rule requires that facilities manufacturing or importing more than threshold quantities of chemicals listed on the Toxic Substances Control Act Chemical Substances Inventory (TSCA Inventory) report information on the manufacture, importation, processing and use of the chemical. EPA uses the information to determine potential exposure, health and environmental effects of the chemicals in commerce.

Reporting is required for manufacturers, including importers, when their annual production volume at a single facility location exceeds threshold quantities in any of the four years since the last reporting year. For 2024, this would include any calendar year from 2020 to 2023.  Total annual production volume must be reported for each of those years if the production volume threshold was exceeded in any one year. The reporting threshold is generally 25,000 pounds, but a lower threshold (2,500 pounds) applies to any chemical that is the subject of certain TSCA actions.

Certain chemicals and naturally-occurring substances are exempt from reporting. Further, small manufacturers, as defined by EPA, may be exempted from reporting.  All reporting companies must use the e-CDR web reporting tool at the EPA Central Data Exchange (cdx.epa.gov) to report their data.

For more information, visit the EPA Chemical Data Reporting¬† website. For assistance with report preparation and submission, contact T. Cozzie Consulting (but don’t wait long to do so!).